Legends of Chima LEGO Minifigures

In a fictional-land far from the ‘Everything is Awesome’ of LEGO City, or the ore-mines of Middle Earth, a different kind of battle wages. A battle for control of powerful CHI orbs – sacred items which control the very balance of power. As peace within this distant land, known as Chima, now sits on a fragile precipice, the rogue crocodile prince known as Cragger makes his move to seize power.

Now, you can shift the tide of the battle, with our great assortment of Chima minifigures. With eight animal tribes to build up, who will you choose to support? Will you choose to add evil characters like Crawley and Crokenburg to Cragger’s army, allowing them to take over and capture all the orbs? Or, will you choose to add characters like Eris and Ewald to your collection instead – allowing them to fight for the fragile balance of power?

With our great selection of Legends of Chima Minifigures, the power is in your hands

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