Pirates Of The Caribbean LEGO Minifigures

Set sail on swash-buckling adventures across the seven seas with our assortment of fantastic Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO Minifigures from the hit Disney film series!

Join the legendary Pirate and Jester of Tortuga, Captain Jack Sparrow, as he sets sail on adventures across the globe! We’ve got an assortment of great variants of this popular character, so you can find the versions which works best for your pirating needs! If that alone isn’t enough, we have some terrifying ghost-crewmen for Jack and the rest of his buccaneers to pit themselves against!

We’ve also got a few unique pirate minifigures from the earlier films, alongside some of the native islands people who provide a challenge for the pirates in those earlier films. With such an assortment of fantastic characters, you can get some great pirate pieces and build your very own crew to set sail on the seven seas. Treasure awaits, so set sail with our Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO Minifigures today!

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