Space LEGO Minifigures

Dive into the world of Space LEGO Minifigures and explore some of the galaxy-spanning LEGO licenses which have brought the ideas of Sci-Fi and discovery to the LEGO world.

Look through some of the great Alien Conquest Minifigures, and build up your Alien Defence Unit to repel the terrifying invasion which threatens LEGO City. Or, switch out to the Galaxy Squad, and take the mission out to space as you hunt down the fearsome bug invaders which threaten the very safety of the galaxy.

Alternatively, you could join the courageous officers of the LEGO Space Police, and protect the fringes of the galaxy from terrifying traffickers and violent criminals. With a galaxy and a universe as expansive as the LEGO one, there are an assortment of different Space characters from the earliest days of LEGO toys. Look at some of the most unique LEGO minifigures created, and plant your own flag by picking up your favourite LEGO Space minifigures today!

LEGO Space - Futuron

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