SpongeBob LEGO Minifigures

“Aye, aye – Captain!”

Dive deep beneath the ocean waves, into a world of aquatic creatures quite like no other as you begin to explore the incredible world of Bikini Bottom! A timeless classic which is popular with both children and adults alike, SpongeBob Squarepants is a hit show which also got a fantastic accompanying LEGO line. Now, you can own your own SpongeBob LEGO Minifigures thanks to the great assortment we have available.

Our great assortment of SpongeBob minifigures will let you choose some of the show’s most iconic characters in unique costumes. We’ve got several different variants of SpongeBob, all of which have their own unique style and flair, so why not pick one of them up? As an icon of children’s television, he is a great minifigure to own!

Grab your favourite characters and re-build your very own Bikini Bottom with these great characters from the LEGO SpongeBob line.

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