LEGO Parts

LEGO Missing Parts/LEGO Replacement Parts

We all Know that when a piece of LEGO drops on the floor or behind the sofa, it disappears into a black hole somewhere out in LEGO Space. Don't Worry though, We have a huge selection of LEGO replacement parts to reassemble your LEGO builds. Or Maybe you've gone to rebuild a set you've had stashed away in a drawer, and you find that your model is incomplete. don't panic, LEGO missing parts are a plenty here at Firestar!

LEGO Spare Parts

Have you Just built the coolest LEGO Spaceship Imaginable and suddenly thought to yourself If only I had a whole army of these galactic beauties? Well, weve got you covered there too! Your Starpilots will never have to fly solo again, (unless its with your good friend Han of course).

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