LEGO Plates

Plates are one of the most useful assets within any AFOL’s collection – providing us with ways to connect our MOCs in unique and stylish ways. We have an assortment of fantastic different pieces which allow for different connections, including Angular Plates, Bearing Elements and even Bracket Plates. These different elements provide different opportunities to create dynamic connections – allowing you to create your LEGO dreams!

Not only do we have connectors, but we have hinges, hexagonal pieces, wing elements, angle elements and everything in between! If you’re looking for something a little bit more simplistic, then we have an assortment of different plate elements in different colours and sizes, meaning there is something for every situation. Whether you’re looking for elements in lime green, medium blue, yellow or white – we have something for everyone.

Dive in and grab the LEGO elements you need to make your next LEGO MOC a reality today.

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We are constantly adding new bricks to BrickFinder, it may just be that we havent added the one your looking for and we might still have it in stock. Email: support@firestartoys.com and we'll be able to sort it out for you.

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