Minifigure Food & Drink

Do you find your minifigures are getting a little bit hungry and are demanding their favourite treats from LEGO City’s restaurants? Or, are you hip and trendy minifigures begging for your coffee kiosk to start carrying some of the infamous ‘Brikbucks’ coffee which they’ve heard so much about? Well, with our great assortment of food and drink elements, you can add some unique elements to the diets of your LEGO minifigures!

Want to add some more ‘adult’ character to your LEGO Simpsons Minifigures? Our custom Duff Beer will let you capture the perfect beverage of Springfield. Need some supplies for a Minecraft diorama? We have a great assortment of bread and fruit pieces to compliment your dioramas. We even have a full LEGO Turkey with all the trimmings – letting you set up the perfect Christmas scene.

If you’re looking to bring some real flavour to your LEGO world, then look no further than the great selection of food and drink accessories we have available today.

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