BrickArms Bodywear

Whether your minifigures are preparing for a war, or preparing to survive the inevitable doomsday, our friends at BrickArms have got you covered with a great assortment of body wear which is sure to cover all occasions. Even better BrickArms equipment comes decked out with unique loadouts which allow you to add real flair and identity to your minifigures, allowing you to add more detail than ever before!

Got a Sniper who needs to deploy with a light Tactical Vest so they can discretely enter and exit the warzone? The LCV Recon Tactical Vest is the perfect choice. Need to prepare a US Officer to take command of a division of Infantrymen in your latest World War Diorama? We have a great assortment of WW2 themed loadouts for you to choose from all themed around the different factions from the war.

Look at some of the highest quality pieces around and build some of the best minifigures with the wealth of great pieces we have available from BrickArms.

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