BrickTW Bodywear

BrickTW are well known for providing some of the most exotic and intricately detailed pieces of LEGO body wear that a Minifigure can own. Inspired by the high-quality, and beautiful aesthetic values of many of the ancient battle garments worn in Chinese Military history, these great pieces will add some unique flair and character to the minifigures in any LEGO fanís collection.

Choose from some of the great Dynasty Armours which we have in stock, and build warriors who look regal with an air of discipline from a simpler time. Or, pick up some of the unique clothing and robe style pieces we have, and build diverse characters who will stand out amongst your normal LEGO minifigures. We even have some great skirt pieces too Ė allowing you to capture incredibly unique looks for your characters.

What are you waiting for? Revisit a more elegant time with the great assortment of parts available from BrickTW.

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