Clone Army Customs Bodywear

Do your Clone Troopers need additional body wear and equipment to take on the endless swarm of Battle Droids and come out on top? Well, look no further, as our friends at Clone Army Customs have provided us with all the body wear to ensure that the Grand Army of the Republic comes out on top and defeats the evil, robotic hoards of the Separatist Alliance!
Pick up some of the great custom-printed Commando Packs we have in different patterns – with everything from the colour schemes of the Commandos in the Republic Commando videogame, to some plainer versions, allowing you to create your commandos how you want them. We even have some great Iron Man style armour on offer from Clone Army customs too – meaning you can spice up that Hall of Armour and add some incredibly unique Iron Man suits to Tony Stark’s collection.

If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi you’ll love Clone Army Customs and their great body wear pieces, so make sure to look today!

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