Custom Design Minifigure Jackets

Every now and then, a minifigure needs an added cloth element to spice up their design and add an element of three-dimensionality to the figure that you wouldn’t otherwise get. In this instance, however, we are not talking about your traditional LEGO capes – but rather some of the fantastic Custom Design Minifigure Jackets which we have in stock right here on Firestar Toys!

Looking to complete the iconic long-trench-coat look that infamous villain Bane dawned in the finale to the Christopher Nolan Batman series? We have a great two-tone jacket to help you capture Bane’s iconic appearance. Looking to outfit your characters with trench-coats, or smaller but still equally as trendy jackets? We have a great assortment of different cloth elements which you can choose from – bringing your minifigures to life.
Add even more detail to your LEGO Minifigures than ever before, thanks to our great assortment of Custom Design Minifigure Jackets available right now

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