SI-DAN Bodywear

Do your LEGO Police Officers and Soldiers need the latest and greatest tactical equipment to carry out their objectives safely? Look no further! SI-Dan offer a fantastic assortment of different body wear options which will allow your minifigures to be equipped for any situation! With different colours and different types of equipment, there is a loadout for any mission your minifigures undertake!

Need to sneak in to an objective un-detected in low-key gear so your minifigures can take out a target un-detected? The BR7 Tactical Vest is a great option! Or, if your minifigures need a little bit more armour to protect them, the BR1 Tactical Vest incorporates great articulated shoulder pads to allow your minifigures to maintain their range of motion with added protection!

With so many great tactical options, you can outfit your minifigures for any objective which they may need to tackle. Combine these great elements with some of the other fantastic third-party accessories we stock and you can create some truly unique, tactical operators!

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