Arealight Printed Headgear

Are you a big fan of the Star Wars license? Did you love the minifigures we saw from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Old Republic, and did you find yourself wishing that we had got more – like your favourite Clone Commanders and Republic troopers? Well, our amazing friends at Arealight have got you covered – with some truly incredible printed helmets which will help you create your favourite characters.

Upset we never got Commander Cody in his Phase II armour? Now you can build your own! Did you want a minifigure of Gregor from Star Wars Rebels? Arealight bring his commando helmet to life with detail right here! They also have some Marvel-themed helmets, in addition to Mandalorian helmets, Stormtrooper helmets, and much, much more!

If you’re looking to build your ‘Grand Army of the Republic’, whilst adding some seriously awesome detail to the Star Wars minifigures in your collection, then this is the place to start! Look at Arealight’s great Headgear offerings today!

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