SI-DAN Headgear

We all know that, beyond the Army Men included in the LEGO Toy Story sets, LEGO have never really produced much in the way of military equipment! Luckily, SI-DAN have stepped in to fill that void, providing a great assortment of pieces which enable you to build your own LEGO armies. Some of our favourite elements from them are their great headgear pieces – which provide something for every occasion!

Looking to build some historically-accurate soldiers? SI-Dan offer some great helmets, including the Brodie Helmet and the German M35 Helmet. Alternatively, if you’re looking to build modern troopers, helmets like the IBH and the BK1X allow you to create genuinely stunning-looking Tier One operators, complete with the option to attach Night Vision Goggles to their helmets for that extra layer of authentic detail.

We’re big fans of SI-DAN here are the FST office, so we’re confident you will be too! Why not explore their great assortment of minifigure accessories today?

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