Arealight Curved Torsos

Our friends over at Arealight are infamous for producing some amazing accessories, with everything from Star Wars armour to futuristic Sci-Fi helmets being within their wheelhouse. They also produce some great Arealight torsos including some uniquely curved torsos which help to add unique elements to the female characters within your LEGO collections!

Check out some of these great torsos. There is everything from Twilek Dancers from Star Wars, to armoured mercenaries and warriors, and even torsos adorned in unique styles of Bikinis to add some character to your LEGO beaches. There are lots of unique female torsos to choose from, so why not look and see if any of the pieces on offer peak your interest?

With these great custom pieces, you can create some of the most unique characters to ever join the LEGO world. Whether it be Star Wars, City, or anywhere in between, you can add some awesome style to your minifigures with these great Arealight pieces!

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