Minifigure Custom Design Legs

Occasionally, youíll be creating your own minifigure and youíll find out that LEGO donít quite have the parts which you want for the character your making. You might want Jeans, for example Ė but you donít want to use Owen Gradyís legs as they have the utility belt on them which isnít quite what youíre looking for. Or, you might want a swimsuit in a colour which LEGO havenít made, meaning you canít finish your minifigure. We know how annoying that can be Ė which is why weíve committed to making custom printed leg pieces.

Whether you are looking for cargo pants, fishnet tights or custom printed jeans, we have an assortment of great custom printed legs which let you add more variety to your minifigure collections. We even have some military-themed leg prints, allowing you to get those troopers in your collection looking just right.

Look at these great custom printed leg pieces, and make a unique minifigure today. Who knows Ė you may just make the only one of its kind in the world!

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