Minifigure Custom Design Torsos

We all know that a good torso can be the defining factor for a good minifigure – and LEGO have made a fair few of them in their tenure! We’ve got everything from Stormtrooper armour, to super-slick Ultra Agent uniforms, and much more in-between. But, despite all their licenses, it is impossible for LEGO to make everything – and that is where we’ve stepped in, with some of the most unique torso designs to give your LEGO minifigures some real flair.

Looking for some beach-wear for your LEGO City beach? We can deck your characters out in the latest LEGO Bikinis! Looking for something more stylish than your traditional LEGO City suit? We’ve got some great variants – including a suit and bowtie to really help you impress the ladies of LEGO City! Plus, we also have a great assortment of home-grown superheroes pieces, allowing your imagination to run wild!

Check out our great custom-printed torsos and let your imagination run wild with all the brand-new possibilities!

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