Minifigure Super Heroes Legs

When it comes to different superheroes and supervillains, many of the character’s outfits often continue through their torsos and into their legs – meaning that printed leg pieces are important to fully capture the appearance of these super characters. Luckily, we have an assortment of fantastic leg prints from your favourite DC and Marvel characters, meaning you can re-create your favourite characters from the comic book pages.
Looking to create a fully-detailed Batman, complete with dual-moulded boots to add an extra layer of detail to your character? You can find some great Batman prints here. Or, are you looking to create a more fully-detailed Spiderman, complete with boots and extra levels of detail? We’ve got elements to cover you! No matter the character you want to make, there are many great pieces here – both for superheroes, and for other LEGO characters you may wish to create!

Pull on that cap, clip that utility belt together and build the next hero your LEGO City needs today!

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