Minifigure The Hobbit Torsos

Build your own minifigures to explore the world of Middle Earth with our great assortment of minifigure torsos from the LEGO The Hobbit Line!

Looking to outfit your Dwarves for their next adventure into the Lonely Mountain? We have some great garments for them to choose from! Or perhaps you want to outfit your hobbits to be the trendiest characters in all The Shire? Look no further! We have a great array of different torso prints from this J.R.R Tolkien favourite which fans of the books and films are bound to love!

These torsos are also great for LEGO fans looking to build their own medieval and mystical characters. Choose your favourite pieces and build your own unique characters with these great torso prints from one of the most beloved LEGO Licensed lines. What are you waiting for? Build your own minifigure, and begin your very own Unexpected Journey today!

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