Minifigure The LEGO Movie Torsos

Do you want to make the coolest residents of Bricksburg complete with their own unique twists and styles? Or, do you want to make some of the coolest post-apocalyptic characters to walking the LEGO world? Well, thanks to our vast assortment of different minifigure parts from The LEGO Movie, and its subsequent sequel, you can build your own characters from the world of Bricksburg today!

There are some incredibly unique torsos for you to choose from with everything from formal jackets with bowties, to floral shirts, and even corsets! These different styles give you the power to make some incredibly unique characters, allowing you to add a splash of detail and unique style and fashion to each minifigure you decide to create.

A great torso often makes a great minifigure, and the LEGO Movie gave us some of the best, so check them out to build your greatest minifigures today!

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