Minifigure The Simpsons Torsos

In the world of Springfield there are all kinds of different styles which the residents of the town adorn. Now, thanks to our great assortment of Simpsons torsos, you can choose to build more residents for Springfield, or you can choose to integrate some of the great torsos on offer as a part of your LEGO City – allowing you to create uniquely detailed characters which are bound to stand out from the crowd.

Looking for a new Doctor to join the crew of personnel already present in your LEGO City Hospital? Dr Hibbert’s torso allows you to create a unique character. Looking for some formal attire for your characters? There are a handful of suit and tie torsos in here which allow you to create unique-looking formal characters.

Check out the great assortment of elements on offer today, and pick up some of the best pieces to add some unique style and character to the next minifigures you decide to create.

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