Every now and then your minifigures will need access to a tactical firearm, allowing them to take their enemies and gain dominance within the LEGO world. Whether you’re looking to outfit a Special Forces operator with a suppressed weapon, or a criminal warlord with a gold-plated weapon to emphasise their notoriety, our friends at SI-Dan have you covered with a great assortment of minifigure guns!

We have everything on other – from Miniguns with spinning barrels, to sniper rifles with bipods which fold-down and function – adding an insane level of intricate detail to the arsenals your minifigures can get their hands on! We have handguns, grenade launchers, machine guns, shotguns and everything in-between – allowing you to choose the loadout of choice for your minifigures.
Look at this great assortment of intricately detailed, fine-tuned minifigure weapons today! We promise that you won’t be disappointed with the sheer detail and variety that we have on offer for you to choose from.

SI-DAN - M4T1 - Black

£ 1.95
£ 1.50

More Information SI-DAN - M4T1 - Black

SI-DAN - SCD - Tan

£ 1.95
£ 1.50

More Information SI-DAN - SCD - Tan
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