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Lego Minifigures have been around for some time now as the very first Minifig made its debut decades ago. The collectable series arrived in 2010 with the unveiling of LEGO Minifigures Series 1. For many building brick enthusiasts, these collectable LEGO characters are an essential, granting bespoke builds and official building sets a whole new dimension. However, LEGO Minifigures series sets are also popular with those who don't build with the bricks themselves and find them irresistible to collect. Whether you're looking to stock up on the latest releases or complete a collection with must-have LEGO figs, you've come to the right place. Complete your collection with characters from every LEGO Minifigures series The LEGO Minifigures series has plenty for the avid collector to enjoy. However, they can sell out quickly, leaving some LEGO lovers disappointed, with their collections missing some of the most magnificent Minifigs ever released. If you're one of these LEGO collectors, make sure you take some time to browse our epic range. Get your hands on quirky characters from the LEGO costume line-up, breathe some magic into your sets with figs from the Harry Potter Wizarding World theme, or pick out your favourite characters from the LEGO Movie. You'll also find must-have Minifigs from spin-off animated movies like LEGO Ninjago and LEGO Batman, along with must haves from the dedicated Disney Minifig and LEGO Simpsons ranges. Order rare LEGO figs online today Whether you're a diehard collector in desperate need of those missing few figures to round off your collection or a relative rookie looking to start, we've got plenty to keep you happy. Delve into an extensive range of LEGO Minifigures from collections old and new, with all those standout characters and rare LEGO figs you've been itching to add to your line-up. If you couldn't get your hands on a particular Minifigure the first time it was released, grab them online today to complete your collection.