Minifigures Series 14

Monstrous Halloween LEGO Minifigures from Series 14

The Lego Minifigures Series 14 collection is a real showstopper. This special line-up of Minifigure models includes 16 characters inspired by Halloween. If you're struggling to find characters to populate Lego sets with spooky themes or need to cast a mini horror movie made from bricks, this standout set is a great place to start. There's plenty of instant classics on offer here, from the Plant Monster and Square Foot, to the Spectre and Silk Lady Minifigures. Staging a zombie apocalypse in Lego? You've no shortage of options for building your army of the undead, with the Zombie Businessman, Zombie Cheerleader and Zombie Pirate all on offer.

Mix and match with our range of Minifigures spares

These colourful Lego Series 14 Minifigures will add plenty of character to your collection. Each figure comes with its own accessories unique to them, as well as a display plate so you can show them off when not using them as part of your builds. Looking to replace lost items and accessories? Check out our Minifigure spare parts section to restore your favourites to former glory. Alternatively, order in a haul of spares and start building bespoke characters from scratch. Collection includes: Banshee, Fly Monster, Gargoyle, Monster Rocker, Monster Scientist, Plant Monster, Skeleton Guy, Spectre, Spider Lady, Square Foot, Tiger Woman, Wolf Guy, Wacky Witch, Zombie Businessman, Zombie Cheerleader, Zombie Pirate