Minifigures Series 10

Find something special with the Lego Minifigures Series 10 collection

The Lego Minifigures Series 10 line-up is truly something special. In addition to 16 colourful creations to breathe new life into your Lego builds, you'll find the limited edition Mr. Gold Minifigure, created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Lego Minifigure range. In addition to Mr. Gold, you've ample choice of eye-popping personalities with Warrior Woman, Revolutionary Soldier and Roman Commander figures for when you're looking to stage historical battles. You can also give your Lego City landscapes a population boost with the likes of the Decorator and Motorcycle Mechanic Minifigures, while Bumblebee Girl is bound to become a firm favourite.

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This impressive set of Lego Minifigures has a wealth of choice. Pick the ones you want, rather than leave it to chance and end up with doubles. Each figure comes with its own unique extras and accessories, along with a display plate if you prefer to keep them untouched and on show. Don't forget, you'll find thousands of spare parts in our online range should you need to replace any missing limbs or AWOL accessories. Collection includes: Warrior Woman, Decorator, Sad Clown, Roman Commander, Bumblebee Girl, Motorcycle Mechanic, Grandpa, Revolutionary Soldier, Baseball Fielder, Librarian Sea Captain, Medusa, Skydiver, Trendsetter, Paintball Player, Tomahawk Warrior, Mr. Gold