Minifigures Series 15

Give your Minifigures collection a new lease of life with Lego Series 15

Make sure your Lego Minifigure collection is bang-up-to-date with the Lego Series 15 line-up. The Lego Minifigures Series 15 collection has a bundle of brilliant characters on offer, with 16 new figures to choose from. There's plenty of instant classics in the mix here, with the Flying Warrior, Frightening Knight and Shark Suit Guy Minifigures particular standouts. You've also got the likes of the Laser Mech and Astronaut figures to choose from if you're putting together a cosmic Lego creation. There's plenty more essential minis in the mix to populate your Lego cityscapes, theme sets and custom builds.

Discover a range of quirky characters

With characters inspired by history and ancient epics, mythical beasts, the world of sport and more, the Lego Minifigures Series 15 collection has something for everyone. Don't waste any more money on lucky dips and doubles when you order online with us and pick the exact option you're after. In need of replacement parts for your existing stock? We stock thousands of spares so you can reunite your Minifigures with missing limbs and original accessories,, not to mention mix and match to create your own custom characters. Collection includes: Farmer, Faun, Tribal Girl, Shark Suit Guy, Queen, Animal Control Officer, Jewel Thief, Ballerina, Flying Warrior, Frightening Knight, Wrestling Champion, Clumsy Guy, Kendo Fighter, Janitor, Astronaut, Laser Mech