Minifigures Series 19

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 19 has finally arrived � and whether you love or hate it, there is something in this line-up for all fans of LEGO! Hunt down the scum and villainy of the universe with the super sleek Intergalactic Bounty Hunter! Or, spread some joy to the LEGO world with the fantastic colourful rainbow bear! There are lots of great characters in this wonderful new line-up � with some great new LEGO pieces joining the inventory of vast parts already available too! There is a great new Rugby Ball piece, a wonderful new games console controller, and even a fantastic brand-new Chameleon piece which we here at the Firestar Toys office adore! Whether you love the thrill of collecting all the minifigures in this wonderfully collectible series, or simply want to look at some of the newest pieces added with this assortment, you can be sure you�ll find something worth adding to your collection! Series 19 will go on sale on the 1st of September � so make sure you�re ready!