Minifigures Series 2

Take your pick from the Lego Minifigures Series 2 collection

Just finished an epic Lego brick build, but finding things a little sparse? Check out the Lego Series 2 line of Minifigures and take your pick from a variety of colourful characters. The Lego Minifigures Series 2 collection is packed with standout designs that'll add plenty of personality to your sets, with no less than 16 quirky characters to choose from. Looking for new additions to your Lego City sets? The Traffic Cop and Life Guard Minifigures will make marvellous additions to your collection. On the hunt for Minifigures for historical themes? Stock up on Pharaoh and Spartan Warrior figures. There's also the Witch and Vampire Minifigures for those spooky Lego builds, plus much more besides.

Find spare parts for your Lego Series 2 favourites

There's nothing worse than when your favourite figure loses an arm or essential accessory. Rather than resign them to the reject bin, you can replace those lost Lego elements with our Minifigure parts selections. Choose from thousands of individual parts to restore your Minifigures to their former glory, or mix and match to create unique characters of your own. Collection includes: Life Guard, Karate Master, Explorer, Disco Dude, Witch, Weight Lifter, Vampire, Traffic Cop, Surfer, Spartan Warrior, Skier, Ringmaster, Pop Star, Pharaoh, Mime, Maraca Man