Minifigures Series 5

Introducing 16 iconic characters from the Lego Minifigures Series 5 collection

The Lego Series 5 collection has plenty in the way of personality. Perfect for injecting your Lego sets and bespoke builds with some colour and character, this must-have Lego line includes instant classics like the Egyptian Queen, Evil Dwarf and Lizard Man Minifigures. Each of these fabulous figures comes complete with their own unique accessories, plus a display plate if you're someone who prefers to show their collection off in style.

Find a new favourite from Lego Series 5

Populating your Lego sets with colourful characters has never been easier. Put the finishing touches to a pre-historic theme with the Cave Woman figure, or kit out your Lego brick colosseum with the Gladiator miniature. Made a miniature London in Lego form? The Royal Guard Minifigure will make a marvellous addition to your build. Don't forget, we also offer a range of thousands of spare parts for your Minifigure collection, meaning you can replace missing arms, hairpieces and accessories so your favourite figures look like new. You can also use our stock of spares to create wholly unique figures you won't find anywhere else. Collection includes: Fitness Instructor, Lizard Man, Lumberjack, Gladiator, Small Clown, Egyptian Queen, Evil Dwarf, Boxer, Ice Fisherman, Graduate, Royal Guard, Cave Woman, Detective, Snowboarder Guy, Zookeeper, Gangster