Minifigures Series 7

Find a new favourite with the Lego Minifigures Series 7 collection

There's plenty of variety on offer with the Lego Series 7 line of Minifigures. Whether you're a collector looking to stock up on the latest Lego faces, or simply need a few new faces to populate your theme sets and bespoke builds, you're bound to find something to satisfy. Need some Minifigures to add to an Olympic themed build? You've got the likes of the Swimming Champion and Tennis Ace Minifigures on offer. Historical builds looking a little sparse? Add the Aztec Warrior to your temple set, or select the Viking Woman Minifigure to captain a Lego longboat.

Expand your collection and create new characters with our range of spare parts

The Lego Series 7 line of Minifigures continues to deliver when it comes to dynamic character designs. You'll find marvellous mini characters to populate everything from sci-fi themed sets to more everyday Lego City environments. Looking for spare parts to restore your current collection of minis? You've come to the right place. Collection includes: Aztec Warrior, Bagpiper, Bride, Bunny Suit Guy, Computer Programmer, Daredevil, Evil Knight, Galaxy Patrol, Grandma Visitor, Hippie, Jungle Boy, Ocean King, Rocker Girl, Swimming Champion, Tennis Ace, Viking Woman.