Printed Torsos

Unique Minifigure Torsos designed by you! Our LEGO range offers a wide selection of different figures and accessories, but now we have created another way to make your very own, personalised LEGO gifts. You can choose from two social media-friendly options: either a hashtag or an @ symbol followed by the text of your choice. You could add the name of a friend or gaming buddy, for example, and create a personalised LEGO gift. Or perhaps you want to make a scene for Instagram or a video for YouTube, featuring a smaller version of yourself? These components for personalised LEGO figures are a fun way of drawing attention to Facebook posts or commemorating legendary Twitter feeds. It's really easy to order your own, unique design. Just select the version you want and enter the chosen text into the product page. The text can have a maximum of 15 characters, so that it fits the space. We will do the rest and send you a printed torso that has its own little message to the world. We are not able to print any commercial branding or product names, but we are sure you have plenty of other ideas that would be perfect for this innovative LEGO fan item. Please note - we can not print any commercial branding or product names.