Valentines Day

Bring some much needed romance to your toybox with our fantastic range of Valentine's themed minifigures! The arrow of love can strike any minifgures heart with our custom printed Cupid, or perhaps a romantic date for eternity is more to your liking with our FireStar Customs Afterlife Lovers? Either way, our minifgures are sure to bring a warm fuzzy fealing to even the coldest of hearts.

Show your minifigure (or significant other) how much they mean to you with our fantastic range of Valentine's themed accessories! You can set a romantic scene with custom printed panels, tiles and bricks. Or ensure your minifure is kitted out for the romantic season with chocolates, flowers and gifts. Nothing says 'Love' quite like a custom printed 2x3 tile saying so!

Build the love of your life with our awesome range of Valentine's themed minifigure parts.