Minifigure Arms and Hands

Although we often don’t think about them, the arms and hands of a minifigure can add the finish touch to what we want a character to look like! We’ve got a great assortment of pieces available – all designed to provide you with even more options to create the most original minifigures possible.

Choose from a multitude of different coloured hands – allowing you to create everything from lavish gloves to unique skin tones, all helping you to create your own uniquely fleshed-out LEGO world! Plus, we even have unique elements like the hook hand – allowing you to add even more diversity to your characters. Combine those unique hands with some of the arm elements found here, and you’ll be able to make some awesome combinations. We have everything from short sleeves, to skeleton arms and even Tiger Stripes!

Pick up some unique pieces and let your imagination run wild with these assortment of Minifigure Arms and Hands today!

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