A frightful collection of the spookiest Halloween LEGO minifigures, sets, parts and accessories for your brain to feast on! 

We can't all be the chainsaw-wielding hero, but that doesn't mean your minifigure has to face the horde empty handed. Pick up an awesome accessory to bring your minifigures character to life!

IT'S ALIVE!!! Do you have a truly diabolical idea for a maniacal minifigure, but don't know where to start? Look no further! Here you'll find all the parts you need to make your own monster! So gather up a brace of bits and bobs and build your beast.

Vampires turn into bats, witches keep black cats, and dark cellars are full of rats! Whether you're in to fur, feathers, or scales, we have the perfect creepy companion for your monstrous minifigure!

Feast your eyes on our grizzly range of Halloween minifigures! From innocent trick-or-treaters, to diabolical sea monsters, you'll find just the right minifigure to terrorize your toybox!

BRAAAIIINS! The shambling, relentless zombie is truly iconic, so here we give you a chance to use your diabolical imagination to create your very own in minifigure form! With some custom designed parts to really make your zombie unique, we have everything you need to bring your design to life... Or maybe that should be 'undead'?